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Orderville Mine Rock Shop
About Us
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Hi, we are Bob and Diane Lane. We bought this property in 1994 knowing it would be a premium site for such a store as ours. We were right! We make a nice income and don't even work in the store anymore. We have hired someone else to work it, giving us more time for hunting, hiking, camping, fishing or just traveling. We have a nice home in a wonderful community. The people here have been great. We have more friends here than anywhere we have ever lived.
If a person wants a stress free life, this is the place to be.
The Business possibility here is endless. If we were willing to run the store ourselves and extend our hours to 9 to 7 daily, we could probably increase our yearly income by $50,000.
However, at our point in life we a more interested in spending time with our children and grand children and our animals(6 dogs and 4 horses) than we are at making more money. We have purchased some land nearby and plan to build a home  and raise miniature horses.